Other Writings & Appearances

Here is a list of articles and podcasts I’ve been lucky enough to have been offered to contribute to.

If you think I can provide a unique story or a naturalist’s perspective for your own publication, I’d love to collaborate!

Life as a Nomad Naturalist

I was interviewed for Skyline College’s podcast, The Skyline View. The episode is a part of the second season of their series: The Green Experience.

Articles for Whistler Naturalists’ NatureSpeak

Each month the Whistler Naturalists, an organization of nature lovers from Whistler, BC have an article in The Pique Newsmagazine, a weekly magazine for the Sea to Sky Corridor.

These are the pieces of writing I have contributed.

Our Critter and Climate Calamity

Backcountry Naturalists Wanted!

Garden Pests of Acrobatic Beetle?

Nature’s Archive Podcast

‘Finding More in Nature,’ November 28, 2021

Both Trevor and I connected with host Michael Hawk in different ways, but with the common theme of nature, and being Naturalists in California.

We were so humbled to be asked to talk about our obsession and use of iNaturalist, a site we use to document our observations. We discuss our path, different techniques we use, stories, and memorable moments from the past few years.

If you’re interested in the iNaturalist platform and community give it a listen! I think the last question is my favorite answer from the both of us. Enjoy!

California Naturalist Blog

California Naturalist Blog, University of California Natural and Agricultural Resources

I was asked to join other CalNat Bloggers to write about an area of California for the state’s Biodiversity week (2021). Having spent two months in Joshua Tree earlier in the year I gained a new appreciation for this very underappreciated biosphere.


Pique Newsmagazine, a paper for the Sea to Sky Corridor, British Columbia

In 2020 I’d never heard of a Robberfly, by the end of that summer I was intrigued. The following year, Trevor and I were hunting them down, fully obsessed. So when given an opportunity to write for Naturespeak I knew I had to share what I find so fascinating about these amazing hunters.

Ulistac Galls

Ulistac Newsletter, San Jose

I used to live very close to this small preserve in the middle of Northern San Jose. We returned to the area in search of galls a year or so later when living in a different spot of the city. This is when our iNaturalist observations caught the attention of the director. I was offered a chance to write a short piece on the lifecycle of gall-forming insects.

City Nature Challenge Talk 2021

Grassroots Ecology CNC Virtual Talk, April 29, 2021

For the City Nature Challenge, I was invited by Grassroots Ecology with whom I did my California Naturalist Certification with to share my tips, tricks, gear, and methods to iNatting. My portion, on how to “up” your naturalist game was as part of their online webinar to encourage folks to get out and participate in the annual global challenge to document as many species as possible through iNaturalist.

Slides are available on SlideShare.


I’m available for new projects and articles, let’s connect!


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