Below is a list of the gear, tools, and gadgets I use on my Naturalist adventures.
Macro Clip-on Lens

Number ONE best and first you should purchase if interested in getting into nature observation or photography.

The world OPENS up when you view lichen, insects, and leaf hairs. In my opinion this is the easiest way to do it.

As most, if not all of us have a phone with a decent camera, attaching a clip on lens with a 10-15x magification will level up your Naturalist “eyes” and curiousity.

While there are many variations of these lenses, this model I’ve been carrying around in my pocket for over a year and is very durable.

Macro & Underwater camera

The Olympus Tough Tg-6 is a small but beastly camera, thats waterproof and has built in focus stacking. Woot woot!

Focus-stacking takes multiple images in a quick sequence at different focus lengths so that you can get a small subjet in focus at multiple fields of depth.

Add ons:

LED Light

Underwater Flash Diffuser


May seem like an archaic tool, but having a ruler for reference or to actually record measuriments is essential!

This is the one I keep reperchasing, but it’s not perfect. The perfect ruler is one you never loose. . . .

Other than that impossible request something one that has metric and imperial measurments, isstrong/sturdy and able to fit in my pocket/backpack side pocket is essential! In my opinon!

MORE COMING SOON! Like. . . DSLR cameras. . .backpacks. . . .

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