California coastline, 2017.

Passionate about Nature, the Conservation of Native Species and Preservation of their Ecosystems

Hello & Welcome!

Chloe here, if you know me, awesome, if not, let’s connect!

I started this site to blog, write, explore, and further understand the nature around me. After becoming hooked to iNaturalist, and getting my husband also obsessed I quickly found that I wasn’t ingesting the level of detail and understanding I’d like to for most observations while in nature.

So this is my attempt to research and educate myself on creatures and topics I am interested in, while hopefully answering other’s similar curiosities. But I also love sharing what I’ve learned, and maybe someone else will enjoy my inquiries into the fascinating naturalistic world as well.

  • Background:
    • I have always loved nature, wildlife, and being outside. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest in Washington, but spent a lot of time in British Columbia. I moved to the Lower Mainland BC for University
    • My passion for biology was really sparked by a Honors Biology High School Teacher, thanks Mrs. Pullman!
    • Bachelor of Science, Concentration: Ecology, Conservation and Evolution from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia
    • Three summers of Field Work in remote areas of BC
    • One summer spent understanding how honeybees detect and use earth’s magnetic field
    • Two summers spent learning about coastal tailed frog tadpoles in Run of River dammed streams
    • Former Environmental Scientist for California Department of Food and Agriculture
    • Certified California Naturalists Course from Grassroots Ecology
    • Certifications: Project Learning Tree Facilitator, Invasive Shot Hole Borer Monitor (UCANR)
    • Social Media Content Manager for Pacific Beach Coalition
  • Volunteering:
    • Currently volunteer for Felidae Conservation Fund, Bay Area Puma Project cataloging images, and Pacific Beach Coalition
    • In the recent past I’ve volunteered for: Grassroots Ecology (Palo Alto CA), Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (Los Altos CA), South Bay Clean Creek Coalition/Friends of Coyote Creek Watershed

All images are my own, unless otherwise noted.

Here’s a smattering of adventures in remote areas of British Columbia, Canada, & California, USA.